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Flavor Of Garden with 3 typical dishes are delicately prepared from natural herbal ingredients, keeping the original flavor of the dish, promising to make you unforgettable from the first time you enjoy it:

Pizza Bolalo Hibiscus: Delicious grilled beef roll with sweet and sour hibiscus leaves and sweet and sour Hibiscus jam & vegetables on a rich minced beef sauce that brings a strange yet familiar culinary experience.

Truffle Spaghetti & Pesto Spaghetti: 2 special Spaghetti dishes in this launch both retain the original flavor of Truffle Mushroom which is likened as a black diamond in the culinary world and Fresh Basil Leaves (Basil) The delicious aroma is prepared completely fresh according to the special recipe of The Pizza Company.

Fruit Salad Peach Sauce: The signature sweet and sour peach sauce combines perfectly with cool fruits: Peach, dragon fruit, apple, watermelon, cherry tomato.

Visit the Garden and enjoy the delicious dishes right away!